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Recruiting Participants!

Mother/father couples who are parenting school-aged children may be interested in participating in the It's About Time! podcast project.

This project, led by Professor Jessica Ball, School of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria, addresses the issue of how co-parenting couples divide up caring for children and managing the household, highlighting this as an issue of women’s equality. The project will create, distribute, and evaluate a pilot episode of a podcast titled It's About Time! featuring stories from parents who have used the pandemic as an opportunity to more equally divide up childcare, household, and homeschooling tasks. It is intended to provoke and support couple’s conversations about a well-known family and social problem that has been made much worse as a result of closures to school and childcare facilities during the pandemic.

A couple may qualify to participate if...

  • Are a mother-father couple

  • Are living and parenting school-aged children

  • Made positive changes in the way childcare and housework are shared during lock-down

  • Willing to be interviewed over Zoom for 60-90 minutes at a convenient time, which may be used on the podcast

Each individual will be given a $50 honorarium for participating and an additional $30 can be added to help them arrange childcare for the interview.

If you know of any parents willing to share their story of how they divided their housework and childcare during the pandemic, share this email with them and ask them to contact Jessica Pratezina, Project Co-lead at

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